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Whale and dolphin watching

Marecamp offers the opportunity to join its highly specialized crew in cetacean monitoring, the only one in Sicily to be certified with the High Quality Whale Watching brand.

The offer is open to nature lovers, to those who dream of meeting dolphins in their natural habitat, to sea and photography enthusiasts, and consists of daily ecotours by dinghy or sailboat in the Gulf of Catania.

Depending on the season, weather conditions, and the daily number of participants, our boats set sail from the ports of Catania or Aci Castello.

The observation of cetaceans carried out with Marecamp requires compliance with the international code of good conduct approved by the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic area (ACCOBAMS). The activity is part of Marecamp's multi-year “Dolphin watching and Conservation in the Gulf of Catania” research and dissemination program.



Once on board our boat with skippers and marine biologists, we will go out to sea with the precious information provided on the explored area and present species. We will look at the horizon proceeding at a low cruising speed in search of a fin, a breath, a jump and any useful clues on the surface of the water that signals the presence of animals.
The biologists will answer all your marine curiosities, and you will assist them in filling out the on-board survey sheets for the collection of environmental data.
Once we have sighted the first dolphins, we will approach the herd following an international code of conduct that allows us to observe the natural behavior of the animals, minimizing the disturbance caused by us. The experts will introduce you by name the dolphins cataloged during their research, and will show you their inevitable aerial behavior, while you will be ready to immortalize them with photos and videos. Finally, we will leave the pod and return home remembering what amazing wonder has just given us the sea.


Marecamp asks its guests for a contribution to support the “Dolphin watching and Conservation in the Gulf of Catania” program. All participants have insurance coverage on board.

For more details and to reserve:

+39 331 437 69 87


Program and duration of the excursions may undergo variations in case of adverse weather and sea conditions and no refund will be due.
Meeting dolphins in the open sea is not easy, so we will have on board the best marine biologists and observers thanks to which our probability of sighting will be very high even if not 100%.
In the event of a missed sighting, your contribution will not be reimbursed, you will have nevertheless experienced a pleasant experience at sea.
For reasons of animal disturbance and safety of passengers dropped close to wild predators, we will never offer you to swim close to a whale or a dolphin.


Is it a good time to spot cetaceans?
Cetaceans reside in the Gulf all year round. However, it is much more likely to encounter dolphins (always 80%) than large cetaceans which, however, we encounter more frequently only at the beginning and end of summer.

What might we sight?
We regularly encounter pods of striped dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and common dolphin. On lucky days it is possible to encounter sperm whales and fin whales.
We could also spot sea turtles, sunfish, tuna, sea birds, and many other species.

Where are we going to go?
Our navigation will remain within 6 miles from the coast, within the Gulf of Catania. Keep in mind that the cetaceans move continuously throughout the Gulf and that our captain will decide the route of the day based on the weather and sea conditions, and following the transects predefined by the researchers on board.

What should I bring?
Whatever the season, dress in layers and also bring a kway with you. Don't forget water, hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, and camera!

Our certifications

Friend of the SeaWorld Animal ProtectionHigh Quality Whale Watching® - CIMA Research Foundation    


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We have created a network of friends who share our same passion for the sea, especially the constant commitment to protecting the vulnerable marine species of Sicilian waters. They are organizations of fishermen, tourist operators and diving centers that adhere to the "Friends of Dolphins" protocol, promising to respect a code of good conduct during their observation, and to report any useful sightings to Marecamp for scientific and conservation purposes.. Find out more

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